“Creekview Students, Parents, and Community,

Given all of the restrictions surrounding social distancing and given that the majority of our musical preparation is done in the fall, it has been decided that CFBISD will not be presenting musicals for the 2020-2021 school year.  It is our hope that we will be able to work with the companies who are providing our rights to delay the use of our rights until the next school year.

While we are all disappointed in the consequences of our current situation, we will continue to offer a rigorous curriculum that will continuously keep you engaged, motivated, and will challenge not only your creativity but your intelligence. We, as a Fine Art department, are working together to determine potentially effective and safe virtual performances and are looking to the future for the possibility of in person performances in the Spring.

We know that the musical performances are a staple in what makes Creekview the best campus in the district and we are all saddened to know that we will be unable to put a full scale musical on its feet, however, your safety and well-being is more important to us. We know that this decision was not made lightly because the community looks forward to each campus’ musical throughout the year, as do we. Even though we no longer have the opportunities to support our sister fine art departments by attending their musicals, we will find new and exciting ways to continue to show our friends and colleagues the same support.

Since the beginning of this pandemic one simple statement has been used as a statement of hope: “We’re better together, even when we’re apart.” For us at Creekview, we have made it our goal to continue to offer the most exceptional education that we can during this unprecedented time and we look forward to the moment that we are able to be together again.

We miss you. We think of each of you everyday and we miss having the opportunities of being together in person. We are Creekview strong, and for us, that means that we are resilient, brave, intelligent, and never shy away from a challenge. Always remember, #Creekviewleads.

We will see you soon.

Love the CHS Fine Arts Department”

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